Mini Hydraulic Motor BMM/OMM

Mini Hydraulic Motor BMM/OMM

Equivalent danfoss OMM, char-lynn J series 129-xxxx-xxx

Orbital hydraulic motors MM and MMS are lightweight, small gerotor motors  are designed for continiuous work in light conditions. The MM motors can transfer low power at relatively high rotational speed in comparsion with other motors with similar construction. They can reach maximum power up to 3.2 kW.

Rotational speed range: from 20 through 1950 rpm; maximum continuous pressure: up to 105 bar.

Main Features:
1,Displacement: 8.2 - 50 cm3/rev;
2,Rotational speed range: 20 - 1950 rpm;
3,Maximum pressure: from 70/125 bar through 105/200 bar (continuous/peak);
4,Maximum power: 2.1 - 3.2 kW.

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Hydraulic orbit motor applications:
underwater clean machine
Brush cutters
Haveresting equipment
Forestry equipment

Turf equipment

Blince Hydraulic factory:

Exhibition and Customer Good reviews:                                                                                                 

Package and Delivery:

Size: 1.2 (L) *0.8(W) * 0.8 (D)
Packaging Details:
1. 30/50/100pcs wooden case
2. 100pcs plastic/wooden pallet.
3. 1 piece seperate weeden case. 


Q1: Do you accept OEM business?

A: Yes, we accept. 

Q2: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?

A:  Our salesman are online 24 hours to provide after-service and solution.

Q3:What’s the delivery time ? 

A: For stock 1-2days. No stock, 35days. 

Q4. What is the standard of package? 

A. Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement.

Q5. How long your warranty ?  

A. one year

Q6. What's payment term ? 

A .30% in advance,full payment before shipment.

Q7. What is the transportation method? 

A .By air/by express like DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS and by sea.

Q8.Will you will attend the fair to show your products?

Yes,we have exhibition at Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Germany

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