Air cooling is a simple means of dissipating heat, a by-product of the efficiency losses, within industrial and mobile machines.

The fluid - usually oil or water-glycol - flows though a cooler(hydraulic air cooler). A fan draws air and drives it through the cooling element. Thus, there is a temperature difference and heat exchange takes place resulting in an increase in air temperature which is then released in the environment.

This process reduces the average temperature of the fluid up to a few Celsius degrees over the actual environmental temperature.    

High-Quality Hydraulic Air Cooler With Fan 380v 220v 12v 24v
High-Quality Hydraulic Air Cooler With Fan 380v 220v 12v 24v
The Hydraulic air cooler is made of aluminum alloy material with lightweight, good seismic intensity, high heat transfer efficiency. In the structure fo the channel, adopting the efficient fin, the maximum increase the heat transfer area, increase the total heat transfer coefficient. Hydraulic air cooler Advantages: 1. Easy operation, convenient installation.2. Compact structure, large heat dissipation area, and high heat transfer efficiency.3. Environment protection, energy conservation, easy maintenance, and low operating cost.4. Suitable for oil temperature from 10℃--180℃, suitable environment temperature from -40℃---100℃.5. Long working life, high working pressure, cooling the oil return, oil drain, and independent loop of the hydraulic system.

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