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    Dongguan Blince Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. specializing in design, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic product include orbital motor, radial piston motor, hydraulic pump, steering control unit, hydraulic valve and oil cooler. Orbital motor from small OMM type to large torque OMS, OMT and OMV series. Vane pump include Yuken PV2R series, Vickers V/VQ series and Tokemic SQP series and Denison T6/T7 series. Radial piston motor like NHM1 to NHM31 replace Intermot and staffa.


Our goal is to satisfy our customers with high precision and reliable quality to ensure that every customer can feel comfortable and confident with our goods in their applications.Our products extensively find their applications from the market due to nice properties. They have many features that warrant popularization and application.

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