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OMK6 orbital motor



    OMK6 series motor adapt the advanced Geroler gear set designed with disc distribition flow and high pressure.The unit can be supplied the individual variant in operating multifunction in accordance with requirement of applications.

    Characteristic features:

    *Advanced manufacturing devices for the Geroler gear set,which use low pressure of start-up,provide smooth and reliable operation and high efficiency.

    * Advanced design in disc distribution flow ,which can automatically compensate in operating with high volume efficiency and long life ,provide smooth and reliable operation.

    * Shaft seal can bear high pressure of back .

    * The output shaft adapts in tapered roller bearings that permit high axial and radial forces.The case can offers capacities of high pressure and high torque in the wide of applications.

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Product Detail

TypeOMK6 200OMK6 250OMK6 315OMK6 400OMK6 500OMK6 630OMK6 800OMK6 1000
Geometric displacement (cm3/rev.)195.6246.1311.6391.3490.8623802.4981.6
Max.speed (rpm)cont.765610480382304240186152
Max.torque (N•m)cont.56571092011601445148015801675
Max.pressure (MPa)cont.202020202017.51414
Max.flow (L/min)cont.150150150150150150150150
Weight (kg)26.326.827.32828.829.630.532

OMK6 orbital motor
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