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How Does a Hydraulic Motor Work?

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How Does a Hydraulic Motor Work?
A hydraulic motor makes use of fluids in its working and employs the science of hydraulics. It allows the conversion of pressure resulting from fluids (liquids and gases) into forces like angular displacement and torque. Basically a rotatory part of hydraulic machines, the hydraulic motor works in association with the hydraulic cylinder. There are many different types of hydraulic motors. Hydraulics being an advanced science, many applications of these motors have been developed. Useful details pertaining to working of this motor, types and applications can be found below.

The hydraulic motor receives a fluid that is channeled into pressurized tubes by the hydraulic pump. The fluid is originally stored in a reservoir. Process of internal combustion helps the hydraulic pump drive this fluid into tubes which is further carried to the hydraulic motor. The fluid which flows in a pressurized form turns the motor as it flows through it. This fluid, after flowing through the motor comes back to the reservoir. The cycle repeats in order to keep the motor running.

Hydraulic Pump
The hydraulic pump which is used to drive the fluid has many different forms. Gear pump is the simplest form of hydraulic pump. In gear pumps, a case acts as an enclosure for two meshed gears. Rotatory action of these gears pushes the oil from inlet to outlet. The rotatory vane pump is another type of hydraulic pump. In this form of hydraulic pump, the oil is pushed with the help of a rotating beam, which further passes through a screw pump.

Hydraulic Cylinder
In few hydraulic machines, hydraulic cylinder is used for creating motion. Pressure is created by the cylinder when oil is pushed into it. This pressure is exerted on a piston and it slides out. Such pistons are connected to an assembly of various devices including different types of levers. The different types of construction vehicles make use of pistons like these to create motion.

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